Tim Hortons

Interested in Tim Hortons Franchising?

Please follow below 2 steps to Kickstart the process:

Step 1: Complete the required documents:

  • Pre-application form with the complete address of the proposed site (Link of the Pre-Application Form is coming soon!)
  • -Photos of the Site/Location (showing front and sides)
  • -Vicinity Map (preferably Google Maps Screenshot, kindly overlay with landmarks for reference)
  • -Lot Plan along with Layout indicating the area with measurements / dimensions (PDF files)
  • -Site Development Plan (Applicable to locations in a Mall)
  • -Lease Offer/Details (if available)
  • Note: Submission of incomplete requirement may also be processed.

    Step 2: Send the soft copy of the documents to this email address: r.lorenzo@timhortons.com.ph

    Should you need further information or any clarification, please feel free to reach out Ronald Lorenzo at email ID: r.lorenzo@timhortons.com.ph